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Spiritual development of the people with connection of Divine Power as a result of peace of mind, reducing suffering and sorrows leading to attainment of the state of bliss (paramanand / sachhidanand) and called Moksh.
The objective outlined the tenets on which the functioning of the Mukteshwari Gurupeet is based. The enlightened Siddhayogi, the revered master, Shaktipatacharya, Param Pujaniya Vasantrao Ghonge Maharaj (Priyanand Maharaj), has awakened (activated) the Kundalini (the serpent power) through Shaktipat of lacs of devotees in the India as well as abroad in last four decades. Since the awakening of kundalini leads to commencement of the disciple’s spiritual journey to the all pervading Brahma, it leads to noticeable changes in the Aachar (behaviour), Vichar (thought) and Aahar (diet) of the disciple and once on the path to salvation, the journey terminates only at the destination. Without awakening Kundalini, it is very difficult to develop spiritual achievement. There are some other ways for spiritual development but it takes long-long time and some time number of lives. The people generally believe that the activities like puja – archana, bhagwan darshan in temple, bhajan-Kirtan, tirth-yatra, daan can help to approach the god but they don’t know that without guidance & grace of Sadguru all this activities are something better than nothing.
Not only in India, all over the world our saint / maharaj are trying to teach the people about purpose and reality of life, importance of guru and sadhana, discipline of life, what we should do. But people cannot understand the speech of the saints because our thinking is outwards i.e. (bahirmukhi). Once a disciple takes shaktipat diksha his / her thinking become inner side (antarmukhi) and can able to accept the thought of our saints. Hence Mukteshari Gurupeet is trying to deliver the thoughts of Shaktipat to each and every person in all society including farmers and this is the time to think about Shaktipat Meditation.
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